Westlake Public Schools

The 1966 Westlake High School yearbook included a special section on the history of public schools in Westlake LA. Many Sutherlands and extended family attended Westlake schools.

RC Sutherland’s father-in-law, William B. Pilley, was the first teacher in Westlake.

RC was one of the first bus drivers. Students rode to school in the back of a converted Model T.

Westlake schools prior to 1891
Westlake students 1901. William B. Pilley first teacher in Westlake LA.
Westlake school 1902. High school students rode the ferry to Lake Charles.

Lake Charles ferry landing Pujo Street. Lake Charles Central High School.

Lake Charles LA ferries. Westlake LA students 1909.

S.P. Arnett founds the first high school in Westlake. RC Sutherland drives Model T school bus.

Westlake LA public schools

Westlake schools during the Depression.


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