The Sutherland Brothers

In researching land records for Ellen Sutherland, I found homestead patents for Lewis H. Sutherland and Isaac C. Sutherland in the same area. Based on their names and ages, I believe that they were Charles Wesley’s nephews by his older brother James Hiram Sutherland (1939-1915).

Lewis Harvey “Lue” Sutherland (1872-1948) homesteaded 163 acres about a half mile west of the intersection of Sutherland Road and Clint Drive. His claim was on the south side of Clint Drive while his brother, Isaac Calvin “Cal” Sutherland , homesteaded 162 acres on the north side of the road. Ellen’s homestead was located in the area that is now McMichael Road.

4/19/1898Lue Sutherland files homestead application
5/5/1898Cal Sutherland files homestead application
5/10/1898Ellen Sutherland files homestead application
6/20/1903Lue Sutherland proof of claim
9/9/1903Ellen Sutherland proof of claim
9/16/1904Lue Sutherland patent issued
10/17/1904Ellen Sutherland patent issued
12/6/1904Cal Sutherland proof of claim
6/28/1905Cal Sutherland patent issued

Lue sold out shortly after he obtained his land patent. He moved to Oregon, married, and had one son. His son, Kenneth, served in the Navy during WWII. Lue died in 1948.

Cal Sutherland had difficulty fulfilling some of the requirements of the Homestead Act. Claimants were required to live on the homestead property and make improvements to the land. Cal’s initial proof of claim was rejected. I will share that story in another post.

Lewis H. Sutherland Land Entry Files No.11613


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