Sutherland Charts

I am excited to announce a new feature on the website. Full pedigree charts as well as cool interactive charts are available from the menu item named Sutherland Charts. If you are viewing this site on your phone, click Menu | Sutherland Charts (3rd item down). From your computer screen, go to Family Tree (top menu), then select Sutherland Charts. is built with WordPress. I used the RootsPersona plugin for simple genealogical records and charting. RootsPersona is a great product. Ed Thompson does a fantastic job of supporting the user base. I would happily pay for a premium version if Ed decides to offer that in the future. I have no plans to change any site dependencies to RootsPersona. 

But I have been looking for an plugin or web-based application with extended charting features. Since I work in so much, I am a little spoiled by their slick, interactive UI and wanted some way to integrate that type of graphical experience into my little WordPress site. I think that I have found my solution in webtrees.

webtrees is actually a web-based genealogical Content Management System (CMS). It can be used to create a collaborative genealogy website. Since I use and Family Tree Maker to manage records, I am not interested in the CMS features but the charting capabilities alone are well worth the effort to install the app.

Go to Sutherland Charts then click the menu icon in upper right hand corner.

The Interactive Tree has an vibe and looks good on a phone. It does not allow drill through to detail yet but I have a feeling that this feature may be available in the near future.

The Relationships chart can help you figure out how a particular person is related to you. Enter the name that you are looking for and a near relative for comparison. (You won’t be able to enter your own name because living individuals are not displayed). The chart shows exactly how you are related to each individual in the family tree.

I am excited about this new feature on (have I mentioned how excited I am?) and hope that it enhances your experience of the site.