Revolutionary War

Ten generations of Sutherland ancestors have been a part of the American experience. For over 300 years, they witnessed the great events that shaped this nation.

The family lived in New York during the Revolutionary War. Roger Sutherland (1719-1798) served in the Sixth Regiment New York under the command of his brother, David. Roger’s oldest son, also named Roger, served in the same regiment. Roger Sutherland (1743-1828) attained the rank of Captain during the War of 1812.

Other sons also served in the colonial army. William and Joseph enlisted in the Sixth Regiment. Samuel Sutherland served in a Vermont regiment. This is a pay receipt for scouting services near Fort Ann. On another occasion, Samuel served in a Minute Man regiment based in Manchester, VT.

Samuel served 13 days as a Private in Captain Thomas Bull’s (Manchester) Company, Colonel Ira Allen’s 6th Regiment of Vermont Militia when that Company was called out on an alarm which commenced on the 11th day of October, 1780. That alarm was caused by the raid led by British Major Christopher Carleton into the Lake Champlain and upper Hudson River Valleys.

“The State of Vermont Rolls of the Soldiers in the Revolutionary War 1775 to 1783” by John E. Goodrich, 1904, pages 227-228 and 413.

The younger sons, Stephen and Silas, served in New York 2nd Regiment. Silas attained the rank of Sergeant during his enlistment.

Some records mention that Roger Sutherland (1719-1798) experienced property losses from British troops. I have not been able to verify this information.

In 1775 four Continental regiments were raised in the state of New York, and thus designated, First New York; Second Albany; Third Ulster; Fourth Dutchess. The regiment from Dutchess had the following field and company officers at it organization, June 30, 1775: James Holmes, Col (from Westchester Co.); Philip Courtlandt, Lieut. Col.; Barnabas Tuthill, Major; Benjamin Chapman, Quartermaster…

At the same time a regiment was being raised in “Charlotte Precinct” which adjoined North East Precinct on the south, and is of historical interest to North Eastern Dutchess. The officers of this regiment were David Sutherland, Col; Roswell Hopkins, Lieut Col; Simeon Cook, 1st Major; Richard de Cantelon, 2d Major; Joseph Carpenter, Adjutant; Daniel Shephered, Quartermaster…

There were thirteen companies in the regiment officered respectively as follows:

10th – Roger Sutherland, Captain; Josiah Gale, 1st Lieut; Thomas Jenks, 2d Lieut; Joel Horskins (Haskins) Ensign.

History of Little Nine Partners: Nort East Precinct and Pine Plains, NY, Dutchess County, Vol. 1
Isaac Huntting, 1897


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