Homestead Proof


Mrs. Ellen Sutherland (widow), being called as a witness in his own behalf in support of homestead entry, No. 19101, for SE 1/4 Sec 35, Township 8S R 9 W La Mer, testifies as follows:

Ques. 1 – What is your name, age, and post office address?
Ans. Mrs. Ellen Sutherland; 43 years; Westlake

Ques. 2 – Are you a native born citizen of the United States, if so, in what State or Territory were you born?
Ans. Yes. (indecipherable) Indiana

Ques. 3 – Are you the identical person who made homestead entry No. 19101, at the New Orleans land office on the 11th day of May 1898 and what is the true description of the land now claimed by you?
Ans. Yes. SE 1/4 Sec 35, Township 8S R 9 W La Mer

Ques. 4 – When was your house built on the land and when did you establish actual residence therein? (Describe said house and other improvements which you have placed on the land giving total value thereof.)
Ans. In Oct 1898. 1 story 5 room frame dwelling. 31 X 32. (indecipherable) 16 X 28; barn and feed house, well, garden, orchard fencing (?). Valued at $800.00.

Ques. 5 – Of whom does your family consist; and have you and your family resided continuously on the land since first establishing residence thereon? (If unmarried, state the fact.)
Ans. Myself & 7 children. Am unmarried. Yes.

Ques. 6 – For what period or periods have you been absent from the homestead since making settlement, and for what purpose; and if temporarily absent, did your family reside upon and cultivate the land during such absence?
Ans. Have never been absent from the homestead

Ques. 7 – How much of the land have you cultivated each season, and for how many seasons have you raised crops thereon?
Ans. About 6 acres and for 5 seasons

Ques. 8 – Is your present claim within the limits of an incorporated town or selected site of a city or town, or used in any way for trade and business?
Ans. No

Ques. 9 – What is the character of the land? Is it timber, mountainous, prairie, grazing, or ordinary agricultural land? State its kind and quality, and for what purpose it is most valuable.
Ans. Pine and farming. Most valuable for farming.

Ques. 10 – Are there any indications of coal, salines, or minerals of any kind on the land? (If so, describe what they are, and state whether the land is more valuable for agricultural or for mineral purposes.)
Ans. No. More valuable for farming.

Ques. 11 – Have you ever made any other homestead entry? (If so, describe the same)
Ans. No

Ques. 12 – Have you sold, conveyed, or mortgaged any portion of the land; and if so, to whom and for what purpose?
Ans. No

Ques. 13 – Have you any personal property of any kind elsewhere than on this claim? (If so, describe the same, and state where the same is kept.)
Ans. No

Ques. 14 – Describe by legal subdivisions, or by number, kind of entry, and office where made, any other entry or filing (not mineral) made by you since August 30, 1890.
Ans. I have made none

(Sign plainly with full christian name) Mrs. Ellen Sutherland widow

I HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing testimony was read to the Claimant before being subscribed, and was sworn to before me this 9th day of September, 1903 at my office at Lake Charles in Calcasieu County, Louisiana.
A.S. Gossett
Dy Clerk of Court

Ellen Sutherland Homestead Proof

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