Adel Iowa

It all started in Adel, Iowa.

Charles Wesley Sutherland and Eliza Ellen Powell were married on Jan. 9, 1880. Charles was 30 yrs old. Ellen was 19.

Charles Wesley was the youngest of twelve children. His father, Isaac Sutherland, was born in Dutchess County New York in 1802. Isaac married Sylvia Hackett in 1822 (Indiana). They had six children. After the death of his first wife, Isaac married Margaret McKegg Kerns in 1836. Six more children were born to the family. Charles Wesley was born in 1849 in Fulton County Illinois. The family moved to Iowa after 1870.

Ellen was born in Indiana. Her older brother and sister died in early childhood. Ellen’s brother Clinton Powell was the only other surviving child in the family. The family moved to Iowa after 1870.

Charles and Ellen had seven children within 11 years:
Robert Clarence 1880
Clint 1882
Lovinia “Viney” 1884
Nell 1885
John 1887
Minnie Laura 1889
Leroy 1891

The family lived near Colfax Township


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